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Fifteen years spent working as Graphic Designers has given us a wealth of valuable experience, Let us share it with you. Slikem Company Limited Offers a complete line of Design to print related services, we print from paper to metal and anything in-between. We specialise in visual graphics -related products such as signs,custom logos, stencils, corporate identity, point-of sale displays,promotional displays,sign letters ,sign blanks,architectural scale models, exhibits displays,

special effects,puzzles,maps and many additional laser applications. Having spent the last years working in the design industry, we feel justified

in describing ourselves as truly established. We have built up to not only our client list, but also a stain free reputation. Our clients are reassured in feeling

that they are dealing with people who know the local market, and who can be called upon. We can help you achieve a strong corporate identity through

all types of printed material, souvenirs, outdoor advertisement and your safety design. Working very closely with our clients we are able to source the right kind of imagery and create the type of look and feel required.

Design for Print

Our Print and Copy center is equipped with state of the art colour laser printers, able to handle your short-Run jobs from Business card, Invitation Cards fliers,Posters,Letterheads,Event programmes, and anything from A6 to A2 paper sizes.


How often do you spend hours searching for the right present for your customers,family,girl or boyfriend,your association etc.If you are for a moment in Takoradi or you have plans to visit then call slikem.

We provide promotional products that have your company's logo and messages to advertise YOU or your organization or events every second. Whether it is for a conference,a company picnic,corporate gifts,or promotional events,all of our promotional products and promotional give aways can be personalized with your custom imprint or custom printed logo.


What is vehicle wrap? By applying large panels of vinyl to your vehicle. We create a complete eye-catching design which effectively "wrap" It-known as vehicle wrap. The process allows you to use full color photographs and/or high impact imagery to produce a design that is appropriate for your business - capturing attention of potential customers  and making an immediate and lasting impression. Current printing technology allows us to achieve photo realistic patterns and images ,which are being protected by transparent UV laminate to extend their vivacity and effect. This means every mile you drive,you will help to promote your service,reinforce your brands personality and most importantly,encourage another customer to call you.


We believe in honoring achievement through the medium of trophy awards which we hope will become cherished family heirlooms for for generations to come. Our passion is inspired by the idea of capturing emotion through the creation of awards. That is why we go the extra mile to source for the best , even if we have to customized them.


Whether you're restricting access to a particular area,alerting employees to potential hazards or simply providing direction - Safety Signs play an important role in your facility. At Slikem we produce the largest range of mandatory, Prohibition, Warning and Danger Signs. You're bound to find the safety sign you require in a variety of different sizes and materials.


We appreciate that some clients may have unique requirements that cannot necessarily be met with our range of sign. In view of this, our special sign team will deliver a range of effective CAD visual for you. You can be confident that these visuals, and ultimately the finished sign,will satisfy clients who understand that good design make good business.


Laser cutting is a type of subtractive manufacturing that cuts a digital design file into a piece of sheet material. A computer directs a high power laser at the material. The material then melts, burns or vaporizes leaving an edge with a high quality finish. Our Laser cutters are capable of cutting through various thickness of plastics,acrylic,woods,paper,cloth,leather and more. We can also cut thin metals (up to 2mm steel). We can put parts up to 47.5" x 47.5'. We also offer laser engraving services for photographic etching and engraving on those materials as well.


CNC ( computer Numerically Controlled) routing is the cutting,shaping,drilling,milling and surfacing of materials using a computer-controlled router. CNC routing creates a 2D or 3D object from a computer generated (CAD) file. For precision cutting,etching,and engraving into aluminum,steel,wood, foam, sintra, plexiglass , and vinyl,the CNC router has a multitude of capabilities,including 3 Dimensional sculpting.

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